After the great configuration debates I am reluctant to touch this too much but nosetests has rather forced our hands.

noestests is a useful piece of kit but has one major problem - its really awkward to pass configuration into to test. Doug Hellman has a generally accepted soklution - nose-testconfig.

THis effectively takes the config file given on command line and parses it into a python dict and presents it as a variable named “config”:

from testconfig import config
main_server = config['foo']['bar']

The current Configuration setup uses the convention of moving all keys under the [app] section into the top level of the dict and then everything else lives under “globals”. It returns a Mapping object that acts like a dict. Pretty quickly this is read off into the app.config object which also acts like a dict.

To satisfy this I muck around with nosetest ini file I find this unsatisfaotry but survieable for now - ultimately I think just producing a dict out of a ini file and being done with it will work. God knows how I drove to a different conclusion at any time.

Ultimately its pretty hacky so there may wel lbe a break somewhere down the line.

Future notes

nose-testconfig supports YAML and python files so is not particularly limiting, and we can change this again - I did not particularly want to as it seemed churlish rehashing old stuff but its become a RRPIA.

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